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ActivaPatch® IontoGo™

This Iontophoresis patch is made to meet the needs of active patients and patients who can’t stay in a facility for multiple hours. It administers drugs transdermally in a self-contained delivery system. This means no wires or machines for a treatment that can be given whenever and whenever.

ActivaPatch® IontoGo™ 4.0 and ActivaPatch® IontoGo™ 12.0

The IontoGo™ 4.0 has a four hour treatment time while the IontoGo™ 12.0 has a 12 hour treatment time. The 4.0 is a more concentrated treatment than the 12.0 which spreads out the treatment over a longer period of time.

ActivaPatch® IntelliDose™ 2.5

The ActivaPatch® is a technologically-advanced, self-contained, smart iontophoretic drug delivery system designed for the delivery of negatively charged ionic solutions. Six operating volts equals faster delivery time to the patient. The intelligent microprocessor detects skin resistance before treatment begins and open circuit if patch de-laminates from skin and memorizes treatment time if interrupted.

  • Low-profile patch that contours to the shape of the body for transmitting molecular drugs through the skin
  • Iontophoresis patch that can be worn while exercising and working out
  • Uses a patented SHUNT technology that turns off the patch when treatment is complete
  • ActivaPatch® IontoGo™ 4.0 and ActivaPatch® IontoGo™ 12.0 options come with 6 patches and 6 alcohol wipes for cleaning the treatment area
  • Does not require saline, adhesive is hypoallergenic, and contains no latex-based materials