Bolster Naugahyde Knee Wedge

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Product Details

Therapeutic Comfort

This knee bolster is a durable, firm option for knee elevation needs. Be it during post-procedure recovery, everyday use or for facility utilization, this cushion allows for simple pressure relief, prevents things like ulcers and bedsores and is easily applied.

Durability and Hygienic Construction

The naugahyde coating is ideal for easy cleaning. Simply, grab a hygiene wipe or spray bottle and quickly clean any soilage from the cushion. The urethane foam is firm, but not so firm that it does not give to prolonged use.


The naugahyde knee wedge is perfect for reverse posturing, abductions/adductions, pain relief or pressure reduction for post-operative recovery or everyday use.

  • Urethane foam construction coated with Naugahyde fabric
  • Provides optimal body position for multiple applications and uses
  • Made to elevate the knees and help flatten the back
  • 22 X 20 X 10.25 in