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Equipment Repair

CleanPatch-V is the first medical surface repair product for vinyl equipment. It is now easy to fix damaged surfaces properly to keep your wheelchairs, examination tables, & geriatric chairs intact. This has created a cost effective solution to this issue. Using CleanPatch-V is much more reasonable than replacing every piece of equipment, but much safer than ignoring the impairment.

Patient Safety

With patient safety in mind, repairing vinyl damages should not be overlooked in a clinic. Damaged equipment can no longer be properly disinfected, so the vinyl can harbor dangerous pathogens, increasing the risk of HAIs among patients. CleanPatch-V is easy to clean with hospital disinfectants & is FDA, Health Canada, CE Mark, & TGA registered.

Easy to Use

CleanPatch-V is a quick & simple solution to the problem of damaged vinyl. Once the impaired surface is measured, clean & thoroughly dry the area. Position the patch and press firmly to the surface. All that is left to do is clean the patch & the surrounding area. The equipment will be restored & the area will be impervious to fluid.


  • CleanPatch-V is a safe and easy surface repair product for vinyl equipment such as wheelchairs, examination table, & geriatirc chairs.
  • This patch will cover damages that cannot be disinfected properly & could potentially harbor pathogens, increasing the risk of HAIs
  • It is fully cleanable with hospital disinfectants & is registered with FDA, Health Canada, CE Mark, & TGA
  • Using the patch can save the budget through extending the life of vinyl equipment
  • The simple peel & stick patch is difficult to penetrate& impervious to fluids even under rigorous conditions
  • Kit 1 (7) of 1.75" x 4" & (3) of 5.75" x 8"
  • Kit 2 (2) of 1.75" x 4" & (1) of 5.75" x 8"