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The GyroCoach is a laser-based dynamic goniometer that provides additional metrics for clinical analysis, visually demonstrates three planes movement, and provides active feedback during treatment by a physical therapist. The GyroCoach is also helpful to the patient by providing instructional aid, invaluable real-time visual cues and potentially accelerated results. 

  • Two GyroCoach devices

    • One 45 degree fan angle projected light

    • One 20 degree fan angle projected light

  • Vertical wall mounted target

  • Two-sided protractor target 19”x36”

  • 2 Nylatex straps

  • 2 Ace wrist straps

  • 5 foot VelStretch strap

  • Two GyroCoach anchors that interface with 10 inch Velcro One-Wrap strap

  • Two 8 inch Velcro One-Wrap attachment straps

  • Four AAA batteries

  • Protective hard case

  • Interior Range: Up to 20 ft

  • Maximum Output Power: 2.5 mW

  • Wavelength: 635nm

  • Laser Class: IIIa

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty