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Introducing HIPAA Check™ from

Created by industry experts—with collaboration from physical therapists and compliance officers—HIPAA Check™ leverages a proprietary algorithm that simplifies the process of creating a comprehensive HIPAA compliance program. Leveraging research from over 50 OCR settlement agreements, HIPAA Check™ is designed to assess risk based on OCR audit requests and current HIPAA standards.

The SunHawk Consulting HIPAA Check™ isn’t your average audit readiness and risk assessment tool. In fact, because you’re a WebPT Member, certain areas of HIPAA Check™ are prefilled for you based on the characteristics of the WebPT EMR.

Features and Benefits of HIPAA Check™

Intelligent Risk Analysis

Identify potential risks with the HIPAA Check™ proprietary algorithm, which leverages research from over 50 OCR settlement agreements to identify potential risks.

Be prepared with Smart Audit.

Easily integrate periodic HIPAA compliance audits and risk assessments into your program and ensure your facility is prepared in the event that HHS or OCR targets your organization.

Stay informed with real-time status reporting.

Monitor and communicate your HIPAA compliance progress quickly and efficiently using the real-time status report.

Gain valuable, data-driven compliance insights.

Take the guesswork out of HIPAA compliance—and take a methodical approach to risk assessment. Leverage summary reports to help mitigate breaches and potential OCR fines.

What's Included

•   Electronic delivery of HIPAA Check tool (in an Excel file format*) and instructions via email
   •   Not an Excel wizard? No worries, the hard work has been done for you in this macro-enabled file. Also, you'll receive resources with your HIPAA tool to get you acquainted with Excel.

•   Annual file updates that include the latest OCR settlements and requests, thus ensuring up-to-date insights

•   Seven Draft High-Risk Policies: 
   •   PHI Uses and Disclosures Policy
   •   Individual Rights Policy
   •   HIPAA Risk Assessment Policy
   •   Risk Management and Implementation Policy
   •   HIPAA Privacy and Security Officials
   •   Assignment of Security Responsibility Policy
   •   Breach Notification Policy, Business Associates Policy

Plus, because you’re a WebPT member, certain areas of HIPAA Check™ are prefilled for you based on the characteristics of the WebPT EMR. You'll also receive a letter from WebPT detailing our HIPAA compliance features as well as copies of our policies and procedures for your records.

*Microsoft Office Excel required for tool access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long will it take me to complete the HIPAA Risk Assessment?
Answer: This depends heavily on the maturity of your compliance programs. We recommend completing the assessment in small increments of time, devoting about 4 hours per month to working on it. After you’ve completed the first round of the HIPAA risk assessment, your completion time will decrease to about 2 hours per month.

Question: How should I get started on the risk assessment?
Answer: The HIPAA Check is designed to help you prioritize the highest risks to PHI. We recommend filtering out the highest risk items and working through those first; then, move on to the medium risk items. The HIPAA Check instructions will walk you through the process for breaking the assessment into smaller, more manageable activities.

Question: Is the HIPAA Check complicated? Do I need to download anything?
Answer: The HIPAA Check and the policies are easy to use. You will receive simple instructions and video resources to get started, and you’ll only have to download the tool one time.

Question: Do I need to be a HIPAA expert to complete the risk assessment?
Answer: No. The HIPAA Check lays out all the HIPAA requirements and how to assess your risk. In fact, when you are done with the assessment, you will probably know much more about HIPAA than you do now. The instructions also explain terms found in the law.

About Sunhawk Consulting

SunHawk Consulting is a team of highly skilled and experienced subject matter experts in the Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Insurance industries who understand that the client’s needs and budgets come first.

Once purchased, you'll receive the HIPAA Check Tool electronically within 2 business days. Please note: Delivery will be made to the email address provided at purchase.