Isotoner Therapeutic Gloves (Closed Finger)

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Closed Finger Gloves

Isotoner Therapeutic Gloves are specifically designed to help control painful swelling of the hands. The Closed Finger design of the glove is used when full coverage is needed. Designed with finished edges offering better quality for increased durability.

Ease Aches & Swelling

Providing moderate compression these high-quality gloves help patients with edema and other similar conditions. Easily put on the full-finger gloves for full compression coverage that gently and evenly provides compression to relieve aches, pains, arthritis, swelling, and other injuries.

Increased Comfort

These full-finger therapeutic gloves have seamless support at the base of the thumb and seams on the outside of the glove for increased comfort and compliance. The glove is designed so the seams are on the outside to help keep the seams from irritating tender areas. The gloves are also made of a comfortable nylon and spandex material that are soft and smooth against your skin. These gloves are comfortable enough to be worn during the day or night.

Isotoner Therapeutic Gloves (Open Finger) are also available.

  • Made of a latex-free lightweight blend of 80% nylon and 20% spandex that provides 23-32 mmHg of even compression throughout the hand
  • Gloves are easily put on and taken off due to the open cuff design of the glove
  • These therapeutic gloves are designed to help control painful swelling of the hands by providing compression and support
  • Gloves can be worn day or night to help reduce pain, swelling, and edema of the hands
  • The gloves are machine washable (cold water) and should be air dried for best cleaning practices