Isotoner Therapeutic Gloves (Open Finger)

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Open Finger Gloves

The Isotoner Therapeutic Gloves with open fingers are the ideal gloves designed to help treat and control painful swelling of the hands. These compression gloves provide moderate compression levels of 23-32 mmHg throughout the hand to help reduce swelling and pain. The gloves can be worn day and night to treat aches, pains, swelling, arthritis, edema, and other injuries needing compression.

Wear During Activity

The traditional open finger style allows for more freedom of movement and function opposed to the full finger design that is used when full coverage is needed. The open finger style glove can be worn during various activities where functionality and movement of the fingers is necessary such as gardening, reading, or typing.

High Quality

Open finger style gloves have finished edges at the glove finger ends for a longer-lasting glove that provides durability when wearing during activities. These high quality gloves are strategically designed with the seams on the outside to promote increased comfort and patient compliance. The seams avoid any irritation of tender areas.

Isotoner Therapeutic Gloves (Closed Finger) are also available.

  • Fingerless gloves are made of water repellent material for durability and longevity
  • For accurate sizing and the best fitting glove measure the circumference of the metacarpophalangeal joints (MCP)
  • The latex free gloves are made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex providing a moderate compression level
  • Gloves are available in multiple sizes to accurately fit and treat painful and swelling hands
  • To best clean the gloves, wash in cold water and let air dry, do not heat dry or wash with bleach