Biofeedback Device and sEMG Biofeedback System

The mTrigger® Biofeedback System displays real-time muscle activation to help achieve functional rehab and performance goals faster.

When you add the mTrigger® Biofeedback System into your clinic, you'll engage with a biofeedback device that truly works with you.


It's Your Clinic - Amplified

Why Use sEMG?

sEMG BFB is a versatile, low-risk intervention that's proven to:

  • Deliver functional outcomes
  • Quantify deficits and track progress
  • Improve volitional control
  • Speed up motor learning

When to Use sEMG

Low Volitional Contraction ➤ Strengthen
Compensation or Tension ➤ Down-regulate
Improper Recruitment ➤ Assess and Inform

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