Modern Manual Therapy: The Eclectic Approach to Temporomandibular Management

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Learn how to effectively assess and manage the TMJ, cervical spine, and treat cervicogenic headaches.

In this in-depth, 22-module course, Dr. E shows you step by step how to use his Clinical Practice Patterns and the Eval, Reset, Stabilize System to enhance your assessment, treatment, clinical reasoning and most importantly, supercharge your outcomes for the cervical and thoracic spines, TMJ, and headaches. 

Anyone can have "guru" like success without learning all the nuances of passive motion assessment, and practicing minutiae of levels upon levels of different courses.

Even the AAOMPT has identified a lack of clinicians who can effectively manage the TMJ. These patients are an underserved, population in need of your help! Learning Dr. E's system will make you the de-facto go to TMJ clinician in your area!

Course Features:

Type - Online

Duration - 2 Day / 22 Module Course / 10.5 hours of Content

CEU Eligible - 10.5 CEUs - for PTs and PTAs only - Check approval by State HERE

Course Description

If you've been following Dr. E online on social media, his podcasts, or blogs, you know that Assessment and Treatment can be simple and doesn't need 5 levels to attain rapid responses from most patients.

Enhance your existing toolbox with an evidence-based framework for assessment and treatment.

This simple treatment for TMJ and facial pain, like all MMT Assessment and Treatments is easy to learn, master, and implement. All of MMT's Clinical Practice Patterns, and techniques will have you getting patients better faster and easier than ever before. 7 levels of courses or hundreds of practice hours are NOT needed!

This fully online course focuses on the evaluation and treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction. After taking this seminar, you will be one of the only clinicians in your area able to easily and successfully treat this underserved population!

The Eclectic Approach uses movement screening via a modified Movement Screen as well as a Repeated Motions Exam to help classify the patient and find relevant movement and motor control issues.

This seminar places a strong emphasis on modern pain science education and treatment ideas for the management of TMJ-related issues.

The learner will be able to:

  • Describe relevant cervicocraniomandibular anatomy
  • Describe the effects of head/neck posture on mandible position
  • Perform a UQ Movement Screen and Repeated Motions Exam to help classify the patient for movement strategies and manual therapy
  • Educate the patient on self care and self assessment
  • Perform a variety of soft tissue and joint mobilization/thrust manipulation to reset the patient’s nervous system
  • Learn IASTM and compression band wrapping mobilizations
  • Perform a breathing assessment and understand breathing pattern dysfunction relevance to UQ conditions


22 Amazing Modules

  • Module 0: Online TMM Lecture
  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Upper Quarter Screening - Live Case
  • Module 3: Upper Quarter Screening Part 1
  • Module 4: Upper Quarter Screening Part 2
  • Module 5: Passive Cervical Retraction and Side Bending
  • Module 6: UQ IASTM
  • Module 7: TMJ Assessment
  • Module 8: Shoulder Assessment and Tx
  • Module 9: Day 2 Q&A
  • Module 10: TMJ Mobilizations
  • Module 11: Masseter Tx
  • Module 12: Cervical Retraction & Side Bending Pec Minor & Upper Trap Inhibition Techniques
  • Module 13: Live Case # 2
  • Module 14: Positional Inhibition of the Rhomboids
  • Module 15: Breathing Assessment
  • Module 16: Subcranial Sheer Distraction
  • Module 17: Bruxing
  • Module 18: Quadriped Lumbar Lock Rotation & Positional Inhibition Bonus
  • Module 19: Recap
  • Module 20: Thoracic Spine IASTM
  • Module 21: Conclusion and Q&A

You get all these video modules plus a some bonus videos 

  • Marketing TMD
  • Explaining the Recovery Timeline
  • 5 TMJ Exercises


Dr. Erson Religioso III, DPT, MS, MTC, CertMDT, CertCFC, CertMST, FAAOMPT

Founder The Eclectic Approach and Modern Manual Therapy

Dr. E is a fellowship trained cash based PT practice owner, entrepreneur, blogger, and sought after lecturer in the topic of Modern Manual Therapy. Erson graduated from D'Youville College in 1998 with a dual Bachelor's of Science and Master's of Science in Physical Therapy. His interests in Orthopaedics and Manual Therapy lead him to pursue a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of St. Augustine. Studying under Stanley Paris, Ph.D, PT, internationally known for his manual skills and knowledge of the spine as well as his distinguished faculty, Dr. Religioso earned his DPT and Manual Therapy Certification in 2000. He later became credentialed in Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment of the Spine in 2000.

Dr. Religioso became certified in evaluation and treatment of oromaxillary, craniofacial, and temporomandibular pain in 2005; this from extensive training and certification from Dr. Mariano Rocabado, PT, of Chile, one of the world’s foremost experts in treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Later in 2005, Dr. E obtained Fellow status in the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists

He has a #CashPT Practice in the Buffalo, NY area, EDGE Rehab and Sport Science, where he specializes in TMD, headaches, spinal care, runners, gymnasts, and chronic pain. His focus is seeing the patient as little as possible, and empowering them with education, self assessment and treatment strategies.

What Are Other Clinicients Saying about MMT?

"Dr. Religioso takes a wide variety of treatment ideas and tools and organizes them into a usable framework for evaluating and treating TMJ disorders and their associated headaches and upper quarter pain. I’m not a big fan of manual therapy, so what I appreciated about Dr. E’s approach is that he doesn’t teach how to treat a patient with hands-on techniques and then just send them on their way. He shows how to use a few techniques—ideally, as few as possible—to get your patient feeling better, looser, and more comfortable so they can get to the most important stuff: doing the exercises to HELP THEMSELVES. Dr. E builds this and other courses around our modern understanding of the biopsychosocial model and pain science. He spends a great deal of time instructing on how he talks to patients to help them understand their condition and how they can and must treat themselves and do their exercises to get better. That is what I found most useful. The teaching material was good and there was lots of practical application practice. Using what he taught, I am often able to decrease a patient’s pain by 30-50% (sometimes more) in the first visit, which ensures that I have their confidence and can see them through to the end of their plan of care. I highly recommend this course for it’s focus on patient empowerment and education, a clear framework for clinical decision-making, and simple exercises that the patient can do themselves so they develop their internal locus of control. With so few people treating the TMJ you can carve out a nice little niche by being your area’s local expert. Bonus: the things I learned from Dr. E can be relatively easily applied over telehealth."

Zach Getz, PT, DPT, OCS, ATC, CSCS


"I had the pleasure of taking Erson’s TMM seminar.  This course is like no other.  Erson shows you how to effectively assess and treat the TMD population in a stepwise fashion. He gives you a framework that helps to simplify the complex. The techniques and principles can be utilized for many other patients dealing with shoulder, cervical spine, and thoracic spine dysfunctions. After taking this course I have achieved consistently strong clinical outcomes with this overlooked population."

Tom Puckhaber PT, DPT, Cert. TMM 


"Erson does an excellent job explaining TMD and you are left with a solid platform to work with TMD patients come Monday morning. Being a busy business owner and dad I liked that I could do this self paced. Being able to treat TMD at a high level opens up new avenues for referrals to and from dental professionals. Great stuff Dr. E!"

Andy McLarky, PT - Soul PT


"After taking Dr. E's Eclectic Approach to Temporomandibular Management, I now feel confident in my ability to really help patients with TMJ-related issues. He shows you techniques to not only rapidly reduce pain, but to help empower the patient as well with educational and self-management strategies. If you want to become the go-to provider in your area for temporomandibular joint management, I would highly recommend taking this course."
Michael Mash, DPT, CSCS, FMS