Performa SoniShield Antimicrobial Ultrasound Gel

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SoniShield Antimicrobial Ultrasound Gel

Ultrasound gel is used to allow ultrasound waves to directly transmit to the tissue below the skin. The SoniShield Antimicrobial Ultrasound Gel is built of a completely aqueous formula that will not damage transducers or stain clothing. This ultrasound gel is designed to be used for both diagnostic or therapeutic purposes, and is excellent for medical professional use in clinical settings. Available as individually wrapped, this ultrasound gel is able to play a large role in infection prevention in clinic or hospital environments.

Efficient Transmission

Trusted and backed by scientific and clinical research, this ultrasound gel is used by a variety of healthcare professionals in different fields. SoniShield Antimicrobial Ultrasound Gel is scientifically proven to be acoustically correct for a broad range of transmission frequencies. In addition, this multi-use ultrasound gel is not only effective, but costs less than sterile gels.

Antimicrobial Formula

SoniShield Antimicrobial Ultrasound Gel is the first and only antimicrobial ultrasound gel designed for better infection control and developed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. This gel is clinically proven to be safe for use on sensitive skin, and does not contain parabens or propylene glycol.This formula is salt- and alcohol-free. The unique construction of this antimicrobial formula prevents the growth of bacteria while preventing cross-contamination and infection.

  • The only antimicrobial ultrasound gel on the market that is designed to provide a safe and infection-controlled form of ultrasound transmission readings
  • Sterile, single dose packaging prevents cross-contamination, reduces the risk of infection while encouraging a clean and safe environment for every client or patient
  • FDA approved, backed with extensive clinical research and created specifically for medical professional use in hospitals, clinics and therapeutic offices
  • This unique ultrasound gel does not only prevent the growth of bacteria, but eliminates the bacteria completely keeping the skin and equipment safe
  • Constructed of a latex- and PVC-free formula that is safe to be used on sensitive skin types, and sold in easy-to-apply packaging for every use