The Prometheus Group™ warrants equipment of its own manufacture to be free from defects in material and

workmanship as follows:

One (1) year from the date of shipment to the original purchaser, subject to the terms, conditions, limitations, and

exclusions specified herein.

1. Service: The Prometheus Group™ of New Hampshire, Ltd., hereafter “The Prometheus Group™”, shall provide,

for the term of this warranty, repair of defective Prometheus Group™ units. This warranty shall include all parts

and labor charges. The purchaser must obtain a Return Authorization Number and must return the defective unit, at

the purchaser’s own expense to The Prometheus Group™. The Prometheus Group™ may, at its option, repair and

return the unit or provide a replacement unit. Should The Prometheus Group™ elect to provide a replacement unit,

then this warranty is automatically transferred to the replacement unit. The Prometheus Group™ shall return, at

The Prometheus Group’s™ own expense, the repaired or replacement Prometheus Group™ unit.

2. Exclusions: The following conditions are excluded from service under this warranty:

A. Preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance, defined as maintenance performed for the purpose of

preventing a malfunction, is excluded from service under this warranty.

B. Repair of damage or malfunction of Prometheus Group™ equipment resulting from abuse, accident,

modification, usage of accessories, consumables and components not supplied or approved by The Prometheus

Group™, or other cause other than normal usage, including but not limited to operator error, failure of other

user-supplied equipment, and equipment operation in excess of design specifications is excluded from service

under this warranty.

C. Loss due to fire, flood, robbery, burglary, theft, vandalism, radioactive contamination, or other natural disasters

or Acts of God is excluded from service under this warranty

D. Replacement of batteries, accessories and expendables such as electrodes, are excluded from service under this

E. Commercial Equipment made by others, such as computers and printers.

NOTE: The Prometheus Group™ provides no warranty on these items, and any service required must be obtained from the original


3. Optional Warranty Extension: This warranty may be renewed or extended by written agreement and acceptance of

both parties. The price for such extension shall be the price in effect at the time the extension is put in force. The

Prometheus Group™ shall waive any inspection and conditional repair requirements for uninterrupted warranty

4. Limitation of Remedy: The Prometheus Group™ shall not be liable for any damages caused by the delay in

furnishing warranty services or other performance under this warranty. The service warranty expressed in

paragraph 1 represents the sole and exclusive remedy for any warranty claims under expressed or implied

warranties, including without limitation any warranty of merchantability or fitness. This warranty specifically

limits the liability of The Prometheus Group™, including liability for negligence claims by users and disclaiming

any other claims of non-performance by The Prometheus Group™. In no event shall The Prometheus Group™ be

held liable for any incidental or consequential damages of any kind.

5. Assignment: This warranty shall not be assigned by the purchaser without prior written consent of The Prometheus

Group™. The warranty shall be binding upon all of the parties and their successors and assigns.