Rolyan Ezeform

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Custom-Molded Rigid Splinting Material

The Rolyan Ezeform is a splinting material that is to be used for fabrication of custom-molded rigid splints. This is ideal for individuals with pain or irritation in their joints. It features maximum resistance to stretch with great draping and conforming qualities.The slightly tacky surface acts like an extra pair of hands during fabrication of the splint.

Preparing for Use

Shaping the Rolyan Ezeform can be done by cutting the material at room temperature by using heavy-duty shears or scoring it with a utility knife and bending and scored marks. After a desired shape is constructed, soften the splinting material by heating it in water. Make sure to check the temperature guide included below for correct time and temperature when heating the material.

Recommended uses:

  • Ideal for clients who are unable to cooperate
  • Adapting equipment
  • Spasticity splints
  • Functional position splints
  • Resting mitt splints
  • Elbow splints
  • Strong and durable
  • Edges trim and rub smooth easily
  • Stays in place while critical contours are molded
  • Measures 1/8" thick
  • Latex-free