Vasyli Custom Full Length Insoles

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Vasyli Custom Full Length Insoles

These shoe inserts are designed for padding the entire bottom of the foot. They contour the shape of the foot to distribute pressure evenly. This helps reduce the force of impacts felt by the foot when walking or running.

Custom Fit

Getting the best fit is crucial for effective treatment of foot injuries and ailments. The insoles come in eight sizes for anyone from children to large adults. They can then be reshaped with a heat gun to fit the foot better.

Density Guide:

Green: Offers soft density and is ideal for the elderly, diabetic and arthritic patients who require special support. Patients adapt easily to the mild functional control while the correct biomechanical position is maintained.

Blue: Offers medium density and is designed for the “average” patient with general orthotic needs. Blue density orthotics provide excellent biomechanical control.

Red: Offers firm density and is designed for high performance. This range provides both durability and solid biomechanical control. Red, high performance orthotics are ideal for athletes, high activity users, and overweight patients.

Additional Features and Benefits:

  • Designed for tailor-made biomechanical alignment of the feet
  • Can be customized to fit the foot with a standard heat gun
  • Patients enjoy fast, effective relief of symptoms in an inexpensive shoe sole insert
  • See the size guide to get the perfect fit for the most effective treatment
  • These full-length insoles are constructed with non-latex material

Size Guide

Size Men's Shoe Size Women's Shoe Size
Kid's Small Youth 12 - 13 Youth 12 - 13
Kids Large 1.5 - 3 1.5 - 4
X-Small 3.5 - 5 4.5 - 6
Small 5.5 - 7 6.5 - 8
Medium 7.5 - 9 8.5 - 10
Large 9.5 - 11 10.5 - 12
X-Large 11.5 - 13  
XX-Large 13.5 - 15